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2016. Home Economics, the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, commissioned by the British Council.

Home Economics presents five new models for living, curated through their time of occupation (hours, days, months, years and decades). Each room addresses a different facet of the contemporary crisis of living, from how to prevent speculation and exploitation in real estate markets to how sharing can be a form of luxury and not a compromise.

Home Economics was produced in an intensely pragmatic and collaborative way, with input from architects, developers, financial institutions, engineers, artists, fashion designers, photographers and filmmakers. Home Economics argues that by designing first with time (as opposed to space) we can overturn the functionalist perspective of Western architecture and reinstate a rationalist understanding of dwelling.

Curated by Jack Self with Finn Williams and Shumi Bose. Exhibition design by Hesselbrand and OK-RM. Images: Cristiano Corte. See also: Press.