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2011. The New Millennial's Field Guide to Entropic Landscapes takes 15 interchanges across 500km of Italian Autostrada and proposes new uses. It plays on their histories and futures, both real and imagined, through essays, images, maps and drawings. The Field Guide demonstrates how socio-political, economic and spacio-temporal worldviews have changed through the centuries, and how they have now evolved to create environments that are no longer “natural” or “technological”.

As a format, it takes inspiration from Ballard’s Concrete Island, Archizoom’s No-Stop City & Heizer’s simple trenches in the desert. As a guide, it is of course time-based & disposable – falling somewhere between Pevsner and a car manual. Most of all it is a conceptual framework that rejects the nature/technology dichotomy and, by comparing the city wall to the high-speed road, proposes that an inversion has occurred between the wilderness and the urban. Today the wild can only exist outside of our control, in the invisible spaces of the highway turnpike, within the spatial signatures generated by the automobile at velocity across a landscape. Read more at Millennium People.