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2015. Default Grey: Autonomy and Anonymity argues that the only task of domestic architecture must be to render its inhabitants free. This quest for autonomy is one from the debt that controls our future, from the neocapital economic imperatives privatising our souls, and from the oppressive surveillance forcing us to assume commercialised subjectivities. This autonomy demands a new conception of anonymity, one in which we are visible but impossible to observe (as per the NSA HQ).

In 3D modelling programmes, everything is, by default, grey. Onto this ahistorical and amaterial substance are applied any conceivable texture and material. All diversity and heterogeneity is an illusion. Default Grey is a metaphor for the futility of identity politics under neocapitalism, and the renewed urgency of finding a moment of rupture in the familiar domestic.

More text and images coming soon.