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2008-2010. A London-based design group and think-tank with two factions: the blog (from which the group took its name) and Speculative Publications, a print and graphic-design arm. MP was founded on the belief that the 21st century didn't begin until 2007, when the ideologies that had driven 50 years of history ceased to function.

In over 150 posts, MP covered subjects as diverse as the geopolitics of the Moon and the psychogeography of the Thames; from Iceland as techno-utopia to the rebirth of Metabolism. Its projects were diverse, implicating landscape and technology, speculations on the future and historical fictions - from hijacking the wifi network in Apple stores to re-designing the BT Tower as an airship conning dock. It also held talks with people like Toyo Ito, Iain Sinclair, Bernard Tschumi and Peter Eisenman - in a style that would be continued in Fulcrum.

Most of all, MP believed in the hope of social change, saying 'We are only now truly in the first decade of the third millennium'. View the site and blog here.